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PPE in Toronto

PPE in Toronto
PPE in Toronto

Like the population itself, Toronto has a proudly diverse economy that is not dominated by one particular industry or sector – the city’s three largest industries are financial services, real estate, and wholesale and retail trade – but what they lack in a niche they make up for in size: Toronto is a massive piece in the Canadian economic puzzle.

Keeping Toronto (and all of Ontario) healthy has proved challenging over the last few months. With the incredibly large demand for services due to the massive population – the fourth largest metropolitan region in North America – it’s easy to see how limiting human interaction has been difficult. Our goal as Canada’s most trustworthy PPE supplier has been to ensure everyone feels safe and protected as businesses of all types and sizes continue to reopen. With Toronto in particular, we continue to work closely with businesses to make sure they have not just the necessary PPE equipment and supplies needed to reopen, but that they also have the proper amount to sustain long-term safe health practices. With a variety of PPE equipment available for purchase – including gloves, masks, sanitizers, face shields, and more – Certified PPE is here to make sure that Toronto and their local businesses stay safe and protected!

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