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PPE in Edmonton

PPE in Edmonton
PPE in Edmonton

It is the art and festival Canada for a reason: Edmonton is loaded with culture, and dozens of artistic and ethnic festivals are hosted in Edmonton every year. When COVID-19 hit our community, it did more than just hurt our economy: it hurt the soul of our city. The vibrant summer we’ve grown accustomed to in Edmonton was put on hold this year while we took care of ourselves and each other. But though we wait for things to become completely normal again, some things in life have not been on pause. Our community is still alive and active, and businesses continue to reopen all across the city and surrounded area. That’s where we come in!  

At Certified PPE, we care for our community as much as you do. Located right in the heart of the health district in downtown Edmonton, our goal is to protect the community we live in. As Canada’s most trustworthy PPE supplier, we have partnered with a large variety of local businesses in Edmonton. From health care centres to restaurants, offices, hair salons, gyms and small businesses, or even just your ordinary individual looking for PPE, we offer everything you need to stay safe, healthy and active in Edmonton! Give us a call today or stop by our store to say hi and see our selection of PPE, medical equipment or sanitizers. We’re a business built for Edmontonians by Edmontonians! Let us know how we can help you stay safe  

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