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PPE in Calgary

PPE in Calgary
PPE in Calgary

Calgary is not just one of the most important cities in Alberta, it is a critical piece of the Canadian economy. With its major role in the oil and gas industry, Calgary is the financial hub of western Canada. With its major role in the economy and its large population of people, it’s vital that we keep Calgary safe and sanitary as we navigate through both COVID and flu season.  

As Canada’s most trustworthy PPE supplier, we have partnered with a variety of businesses of all sizes in Calgary to help them in their return to normal operations. With a variety of PPE equipment available for purchase – including gloves, masks, sanitizers, face shields, and more – Certified PPE is here to make sure that Calgarians and their local businesses stay safe and protected!  

Call Certified PPE today and let us know how we can help you or your business stay safe!

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