Introducing Certified Clean: The Safest, Trendiest PPE on the Market

We are living in a time where the novel COVID-19 virus has taken its toll on many lives. The first wave was scary enough, but with businesses reopening and the second wave already underway people are questioning how safe and sanitary public places actually are.

At Certified PPE, we have partnered with the Clean brand to introduce our Certified Clean line of products. This assortment of PPE supplies – including masks, keys, pens and cases – will help take the worry out of what you touch in public. This exclusive line of products will not only help to ensure your safety, but the safety and well-being of your loved ones and your community as well.

Think about all of the surfaces you touch every single day. From public elevators, doors, to checkout keypads and plastic grocery bags, you would be amazed at how many other people have touched those very same things every day. You can do your part to maintain your own sanitary practices and personal hygiene, but we never really know what other people are doing or carrying. Part of the Certified Clean line that will help take that anxiety away comes from the patented CleanKey. By using the CleanKey, you are preventing yourself from touching commonly used surfaces which significantly reduces your risk of catching any virus. Their unique design allows users to effortlessly open and close doors, press buttons, carry shopping bags, and much more!

The Clean Pen is an antibacterial multifunctional pen from our Certified Clean line that has been tested and approved according to ISO 22196 standards. Unlike a standard pen, the Clean Pen offers a variety of different usage functions. You can safely use the touch pen function in all mobile phones and tablets, as well as in all touch screen devices such as monitors, POS devices and machines. The soft piece on the back end of the clip offers a safe way to touch elevator buttons and other push-button devices. With the ballpoint pen function, you’ll be able to write like any ordinary pen. And perhaps the most unique feature of the Clean Pen is that it does not lose its antibacterial effect over time. This means you’ll always know your Clean Pen is safe and ready to use! With Clean Pen, you’re getting the pen of the future!

Another excellent product in the Certified Clean lineup is their antimicrobial masks. Masks have become an everyday part of our lives. In Canada, we’re still relatively new to the world of masks and every day PPE. But masks have been a cultural staple for the sick and the elderly in other various parts of the world for a long time. Unlike your regular disposable masks, these masks provide both durability, style and comfort that will keep your immune system safe and add a little fashion to your lifestyle as well! These state-of-the-art masks contain Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC), which is proven to be effective against coronaviruses. Another advantage you get with Certified Clean masks over your everyday reusable masks is that these antimicrobial masks by CleanLine are patented with Si technology that provides long-lasting protection and high washing resistance. Grab your safe and stylish Certified Clean mask just in time for the holiday season!

The careful craftsmanship included in our Certified Clean products is unparalleled. In fact, the importance they placed on their masks and their customers is why they also created the FDA Health Canada approved, antiviral mask case: the Clean Case. The harmful virus that can be present on your face mask is eliminated after storage in this mask case, which ensures a longer use of your Certified Clean mask. The durability of Certified Clean masks combined with the safe storage provided by the Certified Clean Case means that your mask will be safer and last longer than your regular store-bought mask!

We would never sell you a product that we don’t use ourselves – after all, we have friends and family of our own to protect – so when it comes to the Certified Clean, we know this will be your best and safest PPE investment!

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